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Hello!!! I'm Fuller! I am genderfluid (any pronouns), I am 17, I am pansexual, and I am NEW in town. I also currently live in the EST time zone.

I'm currently in highschool, however I also do content creation such as livestreams and youtube videos, graphic design such as the graphics used on this website and my twitch overlay, lore writing for minecraft servers, and more.


Twitch Streaming




Features graphic art and minecraft screenshots



I have a couple of notable skills and projects I'm working on currently, varying in multiple levels of complexity.

Some projects I'm working on are making a name for myself online through my youtube and twitch, participating in minecraft SMP's such as Neverland SMP, setting up a discord server and moderating the Westeriya Community Server, and more.

My current skills im most proud of are Piano, Graphic Design, and Roleplay (Minecraft, D&D, and more). Some other skills I have are programming, video editing and filming, and art.



  • I have been using Inkscape for about 2 years.

  • Graphics I've made before include backgrounds for thumbnails, twitch labels, twitch overlays, logos, and merch designs.


"You've seen me before, you'll see me again." - Rob Cantor, Tally Hall

  • I've been playing piano for roughly 10 years now.

  • I have moderate confidence in piano but have lots of fun playing which is whats important to me :)

  • I can't read sheet music HDsfdgFfgSGKJ

Additional songs by me can be found on my instagram.


███ ██ Swords
Art by Nov

  • I LOVE playing D&D (5e), roleplaying with friends on Discord, and roleplaying in Minecraft SMP's.

  • I have been playing D&D for about 5 years, mostly as a player but sometimes as a DM.

  • I have played in discord roleplay projects such as Midnight City and some Tablestuck Sessions within the past year or two.

  • I've been a part of and helped run multiple SMP's, totaling to around 4 different servers.


Mollymauk Tealeaf Cosplay
Character from Critical Role

  • I've been cosplaying for about 2 years.

  • Not super skilled at it, but I have fun :)

Cosplays can be found on my instagram.

Other Skills

Couldn't think of a good picture lol

  • Programming: I have experience with Javascript, CSS, and C#. I've also used Unity some. I am not super confident in these languages however.

  • Video Editing: I edit my own youtube videos and take an A.V. class.

  • Filming: I have filmed soccer games for my local football club for at least 5 years. I also learn filming techniques in my A.V. class.

  • Other Art: I've been practicing character art on and off, even making an OC or two. I like watercolor :)





Neverland SMP

Logo is W.I.P. so heres a picture of actual Neverland

  • Neverland is an origins based modded server in which I play as a mermaid.

  • Length: Started in September 2021, currently ongoing.

  • Membership: ~12 (as of 1/30/22)

WitchCraft SMP

Logo by Camyosh

  • WitchCraft is an magic mod based server.

  • Length: Started in Febuary 2022, currently ongoing.

  • Membership: ~20 (as of 2/12/22)



Hypixel Game Night

  • Youtube: Working on making videos for streams, hopefully uploading bi-weekly in the summer with around 4-6 youtube shorts for every video

  • Twitch: Streaming variety content from Minecraft SMP's to other games almost always with friends.



  • "Ping-" Is a PONG clone game I am working on where you play as the computer and try and make the game the most fun for arcade machine users.





Gaitherios SMP

"Now... let's go see what's changed. Together." - Nagisa, Goddess of Oceans and Ice

  • Gaitherios was a server based around 4 elemental gods who sent their followers to do quests for them. Each god was played by a member in creative mode, and followers were the rest of the members, including me.

  • Gaitherios SMP sequel to Gaitherios, Gaitherios SMP was based on more vanilla survival with some world building. Based on BoTW in terms of enviornmental world building. I helped co-create and co-run the server.

  • Length: Gaitherios lasted for about 3 months, and Gaitherios SMP lasted for about 4.

  • Membership: Overall around 21.

Emergence SMP

First logo I made with krita brushes :)

  • Emergence was an Origins based modded server that I helped start and participated in as a shulker for a couple of months.

  • Length: Emergence SMP lasted for about 1 month.

  • Membership: About 26 members.

  • Minestuck was an Origins based modded server that I helped start and participated in for a couple of months

  • Length: Minestuck lasted for about 2 months.

  • Membership: Around 15 members.



Georgias Ahoy! Beanie

  • Blaseball, a "baseball simulation horror game", has a merch team that is completely run by volunteers with merch by volunteers. I make some merch for my favorite team, the "Atlantis Georgias".

  • Products: I have currently made 3 products.


Minestuck SMP

Gaitherios SMP